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xxxRikuxxx Vs MCHY *Win Tired Of Waiting*

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- whats the song
- im actually impressed wid dis one, good job riku
- this is awsome great job!
- name of music band plz? :D 5stars
- lol dude i saw both amv's u won this one so bad lol hey i wanna battle u
- obv u win good editing
- lol cause the reason is i made the example for him to follow so he used my example.
- i've seen dis anime a couple of times like in amvs and stuff is it good??
- holy shit!!!!!!!!!! nice dude bebop so owns
- wow that was good
- Did the noob rly think he could beat you? O.o
- nice job once again...
- awesome
- didnt even use a new vid XD im gonna watch his but like others said...likely win
- awesome O.O
- lol nice beta ^_^ hehe u forgot X_X... kinda funny if ya think about it lol
- another good beta
- me likey, win.
- Where did you get the movie? I've been searching my torrent spots and everything I've found isn't seeded at all. :/ 4/5, you win.