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Torf 5: Jungle Diarrhea

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- I just found a couple of your vids from years ago in my favorites. you keep making videos you beautiful being
- wat
- still haven't got my poker tournament film I ordered. I ended up getting a horror film about a flesh eating plant....with poker
- well that was awful.
- frodo takes ludes and fucks dudes.
- Thank you!
The internet needs you.
- This looks good but a bit derivative of "Lord of the Rings".
- meow
- Oneohtrix point never unreleased garden of delete demo!!!
- song?
- What?

- This music just makes it feel like someone in the Shire is actually the Thing
- What can I say
- What a title!
- This is art. 😂 A straight masterpiece.
- production values on this vidya are amazing
- That was pretty metal.
- The cat, what does it mean? Perhaps it symbolizes our constant meowing for the attention and friendship of others