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Top 10 Mech Suits (List)

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- Gurren Lagann was a good series, too bad the ending made every sacrifice his friends made meaningless, Nia still died. every sacrifice his friends made was in vain...ruined the series for me.
- Eva 1 é uma armadura que contém um anjo e não um mech
- why was power armor from fallout not in the video
- EVAs are giant genetically modified cyborg aliens being possessed (mind controlled locally) by humans, not mechs.
- What about power armor xo1 or enclave eh? Never mind I thought that was unstoppable
- Gundam and Matrix for sure, other is unreal like Eva - too brutal
- number 5, Eva is DQ.
- Aren't Mech Suits and Super Robots two different things????
- No Titans..lame.
- Lol are you a mental invalid dude? you missed Battletech, that's like aiming for the side of a barn and hitting yourself in the back of the head. try a little harder next time.
- No knightmares😭
- bipedal mechs, always the most popular.
I guess it's not enough of us tanks, quadrupeds, or hover units.
....but in a mech battle, bipedal fall first.
- What about the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? It's even bigger and more awesome. Gotta watch the Gurren Lagann movies.
- I love gundam its da best
- Nice video. What software are you using for your countdown overlays.
- Thanks, this entire video was making me think one thing, anime bias. now thats not a bad thing being your opinion and all on best mech suits but couple things are wrong but more so somethings are missing. pretty sure metal gear ray isn't a suit at all and A COMPLETE LACK OF MECHWARRIOR or any of those old games that stand out as 1st person mech/stompy robot simulators like heavy gear and earth siege. i mean robot suit that allows you to stomp and shoot stuff until it blows up are covered by what you have yet other than the hardballer none of the other ones can change their loadout, or armor levels, or have a satisfying female computer voice telling you your status (definitely more informative than the ai in titanfall). i mean these mech titles have at least a small 80s child sense of realism while still having lots of guns that bring the dakka, im actually offended that the mantis is on here in the absence of a mad cat(75 tons of walking laser and lrm launching sweetness) or a jager(the heavy gear) which both by the way can most likely survive a direct hit with the jager barely but can probably sidestep out of the way and blow up said tank and its buddies. i mean theres so many movie and cartoon references that it seems impossible if you havent even heard of a mechwarrior game especially mechwarrior 2 , that games like doom but for mech games in the genre with a soundtrack made by this genius named jeehun hwang and its graphics are old as shit but the sound of the game from the weapons to the startup sequence just makes up for it. so unless you just hate mech games with 1st person in the cockpit view then ignore this cuz im calm and not venting anymore cuz i was trying not to pull my hairs out. (actually i didnt see steel battalion here...odd, or hawken...wait, or the mech from the F.E.A.R. series(this should have been on this list badly)...nah thats crazy, and along with mechwarrior, heavy gear, earth/starsiege... HOLY SHIT H CHRIST ON A POPSICLE STICK!WTF?!
- what I LOVDE BEATING THE SHIT out of the alien in aleans whth the loder
- titan fall anyone?
- 2 year old video. Commented on the "huge chainsaw" on the Hardballer mech from Lost Planet. Didn't know about the Grind Blade in Armored Core V. Also commented on White Glint, the least series-appropriate design in the franchise, and spelt "Armored" wrong. This list deserves Nineball. Also needs a Zone of the Enders Orbital Frame. And EVAs are still not mechs, and the Battletech franchise (see MechWarrior games) should have been represented. I'd actually be somewhat interested in seeing a remade list to see if your tastes have changed and how over the years.