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Top 10 Mech Based Video Games

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- Titsnfall 2
- What about Mech Warrior Online??
- wasn't there a mech game for the playstation one?
- where is mech warrior online?
- Why did you choose ACV when ACVD is better in literally every way?
- Wait one second, out of all of the armored core games you pick V???? Armored Core 4 and 4 Answer were MUCH better I felt...
- Is there mech games where you can build your own mech and fight with it?
- armoured core : for answer was a way better game
- phantom crash on the original xbox
- zone of the enders and robotech battlecry? .... sadness
- No Cyber Troopers Virtual-On!!!???? WTF!?
- Don't think, Mechwarrior, find out!
- i loved mech commander
- You forgot omega boost
- Chromehounds was also a really good Mech Game that pretty much allowed you customization for every part from the legs to the weaponry, armor panels, where you put your cockpit, etc. You built the mech from the ground up and pitted it in the Neroimus war front on 1 of three factions. It was an AMAZING game who's servers were shut down too soon. It will be missed. :(
- What? No Zone of the Enders or Mechwarrior Online?
- u guys fucking talk to much