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The Sex Lives of Nonvascular Plants: Alternation of Generations - Crash Course Biology #36

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- I still don't get it :(
- Wait, if spores are haploid, how can they germinate into a new plant?
- so happy that i have this to help me study for my test tomorrow!
- The pic of a sporangium at 5:46 is actually a sporangium of a fungus.
- Goddamn lichens... Deceiving us all...
- xlnt : D
- The ultimate guide of an elementary student
- It's funny how people talk about evolution like its a proven fact and not just a theory.
- You said that the sperm and eggs are made by mitosis, isn't it meiosis that makes the two gametes?
- This was in my classroom today! I fangirled so much lmao
- This is so going to help me pass bio 2 lab and lecture I'm so happy !!!! 🤗
- dont diploid spores reduce thier selfs 2 haploid in the capsule or else how could they give rise 2 a haploid gametophyt
- If plants came first in the world, where did they get the carbon dioxide?
- Hi! I wanted to know if nonvascular plants and vascular plants both had cuticles. I read on a few websites that they did have small waxy ones, but others say no. Thank you!
- Thumbs up folks if he is teaching better than ur teachers.
- Wait so are flowers gametophytes or sporophytes? I know he says they are sporophytes at 8:43, but flowers have anthers, stamens, egg cells, sperm cells, and all the reproductive organs, so doesn't that make them gametophytes?
- Thank you Crash Course !
- What are the effects of eating spanish moss as a child? Just curious for no particular reason whatsoever.
- Very Good Video's!
- I cant help but laugh!
So refreshing to see humor and quick explanations for what may seem like complicated topics! Wonderful videos. My son and I truly enjoy them (13 yrs old). As a future Science teacher it is something I will share and link to my pages, thank you!