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The Natural Beauty of the Manchester / Salford Mosses

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- So beautiful grassland and wildlife , Awesome !
- Only the seriously misinformed could label these beautiful havens of wildlife "wastelands"
- There's very little that's natural about these areas.  They're now farmland, they were drained from their natural bog state and used as dumping grounds for Manchester's fecal waste (and street sweepings and other detritus).
- Shared on the Protectors Travelling Fund facebook page with very many thanks! I will never forget Barton Moss.... it is so clearly worth all the effort we made to keep it sacred.
- This 11 minute film set to Beethovens' "Pastoral" Symphony captures the beauty and the majesty of the wildlife and the environment, and the stunning scenery, of the lowland mosslands from Eccles (Salford) to Birchwood (Cheshire)