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Singin' in the Rain - Moses supposes.wmv

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- Favorite move at 3:02
- This just looked so damn fun to do
- Donald O'Conner's facial expressions are the best!
- I've seen this movie many times. This time, the cutest ghost ever brought me here.
- Now these are dance moves.
- How to escape class circa 1955 hahaha
- They r just so synchronised with each other... it's unreal lol 👌🎶
- I can't stop watching this. I'm always amazed no matter how many times I see this.
- Honestly, the diction coach was ASKING for this to happen... Large room, empty desk top, HARD flooring instead of carpeting. Tapdance/song just waiting to happen.

One of my 3 favorite scenes/songs in the movie!
Can't tap-dance, but i can do some of the moves in the segment though.
- I LOVE this movie!!! :)
- This was so smooth... O'Connor and Kelly had great Chemistry. Donald
said he learned from Kelly a lot about economically utilizing his lower
body while dancing, and in this routine it shows.

You can see them looking at one another like, "Yeah, we're killin' it!!!!"... They sure did.
- Suchan classic :D TEeheheee
- It is REALLY hard to picture Bobby Watson {The Diction Coach} As Adolph Hitler!
- I can't get this song out of my head; I sing it around the house all day long. I simply cannot watch this scene enough; twice a day is a minimum. This is, hands down, my favorite (duo-dance) movie scene of all time. (Of course my favorite solo dance number is the title number from this movie.) Gene was the penultimate dancer; he could do it all. But his particular style is just so appealing! He was a master and perfectionist for sure, but all the while maintaining that boyish charm and love of life. It's just impossible, at least for me, to watch him dance without having a smile.on my face. Love, love, love Gene Kelly!! Donald O'Connor was the perfect co-star for this movie. He's cute, funny and quite a gifted dancer in his own right.
- Is it weird I know the Moses song!!! Lol. Seen this movie a thousand times!
- a mose is a mose
a rose is a rose
a toes is a toes
- All time favorite! Know every single song!
- moses is my name
- I still perform this every now and then
- When I worked at a video store, I used to always put on Singin' in the Rain on all the screens in the store. One of the best reactions I can remember is a little kid with his mom standing in line and he's watching Moses Supposes and he turns to his mother and asks "Mom, why are they trashing that guy's office?"

Hahaha, yeah seriously, what a couple of jerks...