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Rick Ross - Sorry (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

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- $$££¥¥€€
- Zelia Milan is so fucking hot goddamn
- one the best performances by Chris
- Love this....Chris Brown and Rick Ross.
- Slot of cash money on this sole nigga.i git alit of money for these broke nigga.
- lol "do i look stupid to you" uh you dont mind these man titties cuz i have money. so yea you look real stupid... let my buddy chris brown put some knuckles across that dumb face bitch.
- blackmarket
- Ross makes recycled bullshit. Big tittied nigga.
- White girls ruin everything
- no is rick rose make nice music
- the biggest enemy is you self me i am not the enemy of do not call me enemy i am enemy because pass school i ,start business no i am not and won,t change number i am giving 0761793574 so that you send more good
- uuuuffffff...numerazo..que dúo. ..
- when Ross says, those ain't mine" lol of course my nikkka #women panties lmao this song thou
- good job baby kaely
- good job baby kaely
- i didd
- who thinks that rick fucked this song up
- Ⓜ