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Randy Moss- Fastest, Most Explosive WR Ever! (In Game Footage)

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- Charles Woodson is a first ballot hall of famer and Randy snagged on him, with one hand, like he was scrub
- watching those early games as a viking,,I can remember just shaking my head and thinking there's nobody who can cover that speed and height. His athleticism was off the charts, "Super Freak" yes he was.
- I like how the cb's give him 15 yards and he still beats them deep.
- look at the torque of his first 6 steps tho looks like he builds up slow but those are quick strides for a tall person
- he can catch one handed and beat u on foot everytime.... greatest all around wr ever
- you are a beast Randy Moss ive been a huge fan since i was a teen i was so happy when you joined the Patriots!love you!
- Man, forgot how fast Randy Moss was in his days.
- He was never tackled
- Randy Moss was the most feared receiver to ever play. I would take Moss as my number one receiver, Rice or Irving my number two.
- the reaction at giants stadium was weird...
- This guy is not a pimple on RICE's ass.
- I' ve been a Moss fan since day 1,and still never seen anything else like this dude.
- why is there no card for randy
- its cause he so fucking tall. his strides are like double anyone on the field and he is still able to run at ridiculous rate. dudes a freak of nature.
- I remember The Dolphins triple covering him when he was a Vikings, and they had a very talented CB there. Culpepper threw it anyways and I thought he was insane for doing so... Then Moss caught it anyways. My head exploded, and I had to pick up my brain and put it back together.
- 2:33 is straight nasty
- you were and are the most TALENTED receiver to ever play the game, however you didn't surpass Jerry Rice numbers the way you could have so he's still the GREATEST receiver of all time, 2nd best is arguable among some top guys but i think Moss is probably the 2nd best wr of all time.
- Randy moss has usain bolt type speed
- Major difference between track 4.15 speed and football 4.15 speed. Randy Moss had football 4.15 speed. Many players have track speed around 4.4 or even 4.3 but they put on a uniform and suddenly it drops to a 4.75 40.
- Moss on one side, Calvin on the other, then Rice in the slot!