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Q&A - How do nurseries grow Orchids in sphagnum moss?

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- I think they just don't want to spend the money to replant because they will make less money. 
- I grow almost all of my Phalaenopsis orchids in sphagnum moss. They grow and flower regularly. The secret is to wrap sphagnum moss around the roots very loose. 
- I love how you grow your orchids in door well. I have been using moss and it really works on my new orchid.. I just water every three weeks and the orchid responds well. Before this, I tried bark Mix for Orchids, I could not save my Orchid at the end. So far, my new Orchid is doing well with sphagnum moss, but I don't know what will happen next,, so far so good.. 
- We here in California are going through a major 3 year drought. We are required to save water whenever possible. I soak my orchids in plastic containers that holds about 2 to 3 plants at a time. I use the same water bc my orchids look pretty good right now. There doesn't seem to be any infestation or virus. Then I use the remaining water on my cymbidiums that are potted in good potting soil. I think I will consider sphagnum in the future if it cuts down on watering. 
- What's the name of the purple vanda that is shown in the beginning of the video? I just bought a plant like that at Hornbach, but I'm not sure what type it is.

Sorry for my off topic question. I love your videos. They have taught me a lot 😊
- Thank you for your videos! They are very informative. Most of my recently purchased phals are still in the sphagnum moss, tightly packed.. but i'm waiting until the blooms fall off to repot. I hope the roots in the centre are patient and stay healthy! 
- they grow successfully in sphagnum because the orchids love moss and moisture, no matter what others say. I say it because of my experience. at the beginning of growing orchids I tried to unpot all the cattleyas I recieved in sphagnum and change the media, the result was less than satisfactory, 2 orchids died, others took extremely long to get new root, they suffered, were dehydrated etc. then I read some info from successful brasilian growers, who had excellent results with sphagnum, and when I got a new cattleya in moss, I decided to do an experiment and not to repot it but let it grow in moss, because it looked so beatiful and happy in sphagnum. And it grew happily at my home, I just had to water it in other way. I was amazed and tried to repot one of my old orchids in moss, to see if I can do it with another one. And oh my god!! the other orchid was happy, no dehydration after repotting, no died roots (because when you repot orchids in a less water holding media, its a stress for the orchids, it tries to get water from everywhere it can and dries up its roots). Meanwhile i have almost all my cattleyas in sphagnum and they seem to be very happy, and  i dont care what people say about sphagnum, i have happy beautiful plants and its easy to water them, especially when i have 40+ catlleyas
- Hi Danny,
I always afraid of repotting phal. because after few days from removing all dead and bad root and repotting the phal. , the good green root turns yellow and mushy or dried up. why that happens?
and I have one oncidium that set in old bark but it show small tiny pseudobulb on both side and i don’t want to loss the plant or the new growth. to repot or not to repot. ??
thanks for all your work :)
- You answered great but left out a few points. Alot orchids are shipped from other countries to where you purchased them so the sphagnum moss is as you said to keep the plant moist on its long journey from origin to destination.  but also sphagnum   moss is lighter than bark and other media, so it cuts down on freight. And lastly most countries will only allow plants and seedlings to enter into their country if they are packed in sphagnum moss. I know from Asia to the US bark is not allowed from other countries.  My orchid society had the opportunity to visit one of the largest distributors of orchids in the US.  I-hsin nursery out of Taiwan. They ship their seedlings over in container ships packed in sphagnum moss or in flasks. Then they finish growing here in California.  They then sell the orchids to broker who then sells them to your nurseries and big box stores like Costco, Trader Joes and Ikea. 
- THANK you a lot.
next time I will do that thinking about you and that will help to be VERY patient.
Because in that case my dear orchid had to loose 2/3 of her roots in spite of all my patience.
with my wishes of the very best, Victoria.
- THANK you Danny, great job!
another question.
I had to repot 3 of recently bought integeneric, ONCIDIUMs.
And each of them had a different way of potting.
first - roots were in medium of very fine mixture of perlite and very soft something, looking like a soil.And that was еnveloped in moss. It was very easy to clean the roots and they were in great condition.
Second case - roots were in mixture of the same combination and all that was in a plastic pot with a lot of slots.They wrapped the plastic pot with moss and finally put in a clay pot. that was the easiest to repot. The best.
Third case - very fine roots were in a mixture that had a lot of moss which inter tangled with roots and a lot of roots were damaged when I was separating them. just terrible !
What should be done to prevent damage of roots if it happens that I have such problem one more time.
It could be that it had been meant to have a special way of solving that problem.
Sorry, my English is bad.Hope, you could understand me.
Thank you in advance.

- Don't listen to comment below me. Your video is perfect as always. Warning: Stupid person below me.
- It amazes me how they grow them in pure sphagnum moss, just so tight in the pot it takes 10 mins to get it all off the roots when you repot them. Though they are only packed in it for a short time until they sell so I don't think it effects them to much. As soon as an orchid I have bought finishes its bloom I take it straight out of the moss.
- agree dani.. i live in s.calif  i top my phal with s.moss plant in bark medium....only bought 1  in bark  rest  always packed in moss...great video...
- I was wondering , how do you create the perfect condition for different orchids in the home?
- My Phal thrive with charcoal and Sphagnum Moss mixed although along the process i lost few roots
Now i have a lot of active roots.
I guess i managed to give it proper ventilation.
But how many minutes should we keep the fan on gently hitting the plants with air? Is there an interval of 30mins or keep it on coz i am keeping them in my
Room. Thanks Miss Danny! :) 
- I actually find sphagnum moss a lot more easier to deal with than bark specially with phals and oncidium. I just dip them and then drain and it can go for a week without watering even in the summer months. With bark, i have to soak twice a week.. 
- i agree with what you say about sellers Danny but yet there are people that are successfully growing their orchids in just spagnum moss, one day i will make an experiment out of that. thank you for this video!
- I would have said the same things <3 <3 <3 
- Lol I'm the first to watch it . I'm so happy but your videos are slow