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Project Hon - Cooles Korea-Mech-Spiel im Ingame-Trailer (Gameplay)

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- I'm getting a Armored Core and Code Geass vibe from this.
- Michael Bay style mech game.
- also this game is will not ever be released the because the company developing it was caught embezzling :/
- PS4?
- I WANT IT!!!!
- how have I not heard of this before
- looks so dumb
- This game was canceled because the company creating it was caught embezzling millions to the their personal accounts and stealing millions from publisher. Thank the greedy assholes who were stealing money for the fact it never saw the light of day on any platform.
- wish it was coming for Xbox one we need better mech games
- I want......😔
- so NCsoft developed the Project HON and Exteel...
- And here I still hoping someone make Metalrage (mmo) using unreal engine.
- Armored Core?! Is that you? My how you've grown. tear
- 素晴らしいgood

- this shit looks fucking sick
- vanquish meets titanfall meets transformers?^^
- des is doch kein mechgame das ist super mario blech so wie die rumhüpfen wo kommt denn hier ein 50 tonnen feeling rüber ?
- darmm whatever it is, its so damn cool..
- Habe Titanfall und das reicht mir für das nächste Jahrhundert.
- ich finde da persönlich titanfall besser...