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Preserving endangered languages: Barry Mosses at TEDxCCS

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- Amazing!!
- Where can I learn this language?
- Thank you for this speech.
- I wish I spoke an endangered language so I could help in the process of saving them. It's really important to keep diversity in some sense. I know many argue that diversity only leads to discrimination, but this isn't true in my opinion. Sure it can lead to that, but it can also lead to acceptance. Our children and ourselves needs to learn how to accept people of all backgrounds, cultures etc. And without real diversity of all aspects (language, culture, appearance, sexual prefrence e.c.t) we won't learn it in real life.
- Russell Means talked about total language immersion for kids following the Maori model. Also, The Lakota Bears Cartoons from the Lakota Language Consortium are a really great approach. Hó Mitákuye oyás'iŋ.
- Your story parallels strongly with the Deaf community and American Sign Language. The Deaf community is terrified that eventually ASL will become extinct due to the oppression of Hearing people and the need to "fix" Deaf people or forcing them to "assimilate" with the Hearing world. Its very sad.
- its a good thing that Rosetta Stone is helping native americans make tools for learning and preserving their languages
- I loved this lecture :)
My deepest respect for all Native Americans :)
- X̣est łu šey...lemlmtš!  Ta qs Hostm u Ta qe qes čmšqnmistm....