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Nonvascular Plants | Biology

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- Your videos are fantastic!! Thank you so much =)
- It is useful to me.
- For real. This class is about to ruin my 4.0
- sokleak-lim99@com
- wend? wind sir
- @pointeprincess302 Thanks!
- This video definitely helped me study for my lab practical, i emailed this to my professor, thanks so much for uploading =]
- @trakboient There are when you buy the whole video from us.
- thank you to made an easy , the lesson , i will teach tomorrow
- thank you sooooo much. i really needed this for my exam tomoro
- this wouldve helped so much on my last exam :/
- helpful
- Fascinating stuff!
- @NicolaWyrd Your welcome glad we could help
- Clears it up. Why can't teachers show this in class? 3 minutes as opposed to hours... Lol
- thnx s0o0o mush....dx vid3o cleard al my concepts...thnk you