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Noah's Ark Found

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- Imagine the size of that thing. 8 million different types of land species today this is only a fraction of how many there would have been in noahs time and 2 of every thing . rested on a mountain ? it was the bloody mountain
- You need to add photo evidence of these million of graves, and this city. Interesting anyways.
- Funny, how those that reject God or/and the truth of the Bible also are disregarding the very science they claim to believe in which is progressively validating the truth in the Bible.
- God be with all you lost ones.
- many have been placed with reprobate minds.
- religion is the cancer of the mind
- Soon we will know the truth......when war does come just remember that our lord will save us
- Apollo 11 First Reported It & I Was In Turkey In The ARMY & Saw It & Was Told "TOP SECRET" & "OFF Limits" Not For The Public Eye !!@@11 Could Start WW#3 if Revealed !!@@11
- Discover where Jesus' tomb is
- I'm so longing for Judgment Day to come!!!!! wow will a lot of you be sorry. You'll have all your answers, but no more doubts....and no more excuses.
- 2 problems with this. people at a time walked over pyramids and whole cities that they didn't know we're under their feet till sinkholes hit that land. 2nd, any regular person not looking for faith would ask themselves, if God built a universe and made man, wouldnt it be ungodly to ask man to build a boat smaller than the titanic to house his family and a pair of every living creature. the titanic alone couldn't house every creature known to man that couldnt survive the great big flood. house their dna, yes. i won't say that a man named Noah (a Greek name before greeks existed) didn't build a boat, but the great flood known to man also took place in Egypt and only covered a 3rd of the walls in various temples and pyramids, and can be traced. we have found dried lake's on Mars. for this story to be true, would mean God flooded the world and instantly evaporated the water.
- alot of debating about God existing everywhere you go today one gets the sense something is a miss sure we have knowledge but one thing about Judean theology always makes me wonder go back all the way to the beginning where the tree of life and tree of knowledge tale goes, we were given a choice we chose knowledg. Many amazing things were achieved making our lives better and longer. But nevertheless we are in the technological age but right after the industrial age where the beginning of polluting for profit began people forget knowledge changes religion changes one thing that is true today may not be true 100 years from now. Point is whether or not you believe in God or you don't believe in God we all live in the same world which is dying from us how did we go from making penicillin out of moldy bread to allowing our intelligences insulted everytime a politican tells us global warming is a hoax aliens pshh hogwash protection of the oceans who needs it. in the end if we don't come together and realize that power and profit have been running the show not our persument of knowledge or the persument of everlasting life don't get caught in an irrelevant dichotomy it is separation we must over come in order to actually answer our universal questions.
- which museum is the ark in?
- lol this guy looks like a eugene
- Too bad there has never ever been, nor can there ever be, any "global flood". (Jeez..and by the way, Earth isn't flat either, if you're a flat-earther too.)
- The tomb Jesus died in
- this happend because Allah punished the disbelivers and protected the muslims
- If I link this to an atheist, they still won't believe it because they are lost. God has given up on some of them. The holy spirit is what leads us to God. Not other human beings. The holy spirit is not with these people, because God has given up on them. So it doesn't matter if you show them the evidence they so deeply desire. They will just ignore it or say it is something else. I linked a site to one atheist that proves God exist and he didn't care. He read it, and just turned his head. They say they want evidence, but when you do present evidence, they try to disprove it. Evidence isn't what these people need. These people are utterly LOST. There's no hope for these people. No matter what you do, you can't convince them to turn to God with all the evidence in the world. God himself, can start speaking on all our computers, radios, and T.Vs at the same time in all languages depending on the country, and say he's God, and the atheists will still think it's just an edgy extra terrestrial hacking our communications equipment.
- Is that true
- I do not believe that Noah existed, although, there is a Babylonian tale that depicts a great flood and this story seems to pop up in other ancient cultures as well.