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Mosses-Bryophyte life cycle

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- Yoish! I have been tracking and studying mosses all my life. I track the moss in Hoh River Valley, located in the Olympic Mountains. This is the most amazing video i have seen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! mick
- Thank u so very much!!!!!!!!
- Thanks .
- thanks it ws really helpfull....
- Thank you
- Nice
- keep posting such videos ...........!! thank you
- keep posting such videos ...........!! thank you
- Best explanation...please are anyone knows what is this main program or where I can find these sort of videos more... I have already watch some of these but what is this main program or you tube channels with all uploads
- Thanks for such a great video
- This is really very helpful. saved my time and I understood all about this phylum
- Thaank You so much
- vry helpful...
- this is much helpful! instead i read and look at my mess lecture notes, i watch this video, and within 15minutes, i understand about this phylum bryophyta, so helpful when my final start in 4 days.
- Who made these videos? Anyone have a link to original source?
- Such an helpful video. Keep making such videos. Fantastic.
- me apaixonando pela complexidade das briófitas!
- A great video and animation. I saw it two years ago and it changed my way of study and made it way better. Thank You so much Simbelmyne!!!