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Moss Life Cycle

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- Thanx for such an awesome video
- One question: how long can the full grown leafy moss plant at the end of the cycle live when it has the right conditions? Another way to put this is: do moss die of old age? I've usually seen moss die of drought but I've never seen old crippled mosses. Maybe you could shade some light on this topic... I've been looking around the web for this info but couldn't find anything relevant.

Thanks for the info btw!
- you have used copyrighted diagrams of campbell biology...
- THIS HELPED SOO MUCH!!!! I knew absolutely nothing before I watched this video, THANK YOU THANK YOUUU!!!!!
- This a a fantastic viedo, that finally helped me getting through with this topic without leaving any questions open. Thank yo very much!
- You explained it very well. Thanks a lot.
- I love this video . very good .insteresting
- very gooood
- What about life cycle of just mushrooms :) Would love to see that
- Thank you for the video!
- you saved my life thank you!!
- oh shit i get it! thx alot at first i was lost and couldnt tell difference between gametophyte and sporophyte .Noits clear thx again keep posting! 
- this helped me so much!! thank you
- Thank you so much!
- thank you a million. i finally understand!
- Great videos watched all your life cycle videos and they are top notch! thank you so much =) you are truly awesome 
- Thank you so much for these wonderful videos. They make studying for finals infinitely more doable. :)
- Thanks so much for this video! I have been staring at this same diagram in my textbook forever but your explanation helped wonders!