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Moses vs Santa Claus. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2

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- I think we all know who really won this one... the elves.
- 0:10 - 0:12 = star wars reference
- Legolas vs arrow
- finn (adventure time)vs. steve(minecraft)
- Dogg's lines are so good
- omfg snoopdog
- Moses automatically wins because Snoop Dogg
- Snoop dog won
- Snoop dog
- That's offensive to heaven, but I still enjoyed it
- Moses win everytime with everyone :D
- Best battle ever.
- but Moses had more than 7 or 9 women in the 10th commandments
- my uncle is snoopdogs gym trainer. no uncle was in the marines. he was even his bodyguard for his concerts. He even was a gym trainer for the marlins. he even was friends with them and has their phone numbers. I wanna meet them. My uncle was also a teacher or trainer and student in celeberty sweats. a place were celeberties go to work out. he had this bag with the logo on it that says celeberty sweats which he gave to me.
- 0:54 you can see snoop's pants
- Moses won
- both these guys was good tbh
- moses won this fair and square
- 'add more mass to christmas' = why did i visualize 'a fat santa' and 'more catholic girls' ~ ?
- If these guys got Snoop Dog they could have very well gotten the Mythbusters as well