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Megabots - Real Life, Full Scale Fighting Mechs

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- Could they use these in the military?
- when is the fight?
- It is almost time :3 IT IS ALMOST TIME =Fan Scream=
- Click bait
- Now to develop a gyroscopic stabilization unit to allow i to walk. :D
- cmon.... humans can do better than this
- they talk through the entire thing
- Mechs would be a good military scare tactic..for what its worth.
- You coudl tell he was faking the smile after a bit when he realized well you're in this giant death machine but you can't actually fucking use it because you know. laws and shit. Can't destroy things, or blow anything up because laws. maaan fuck laws!

This is awesome!
- I see an anime coming
- the guy from that 70's show
- Standby for Titanfall!
- boo??
- wow that was great, got to see if slowing drive around for a little bit and not see it really fire anything. wow
- uauuuuuuuuuuu
- I wonder why the military doesn't have their own heavily armed mech suits (they probably do) and use them, that would sick to see hundreds of them in action.
- very cool. Welcome to the last days.
- they should know that they can ask Europe to help them and Japan can ask China for help. super classy and seek vs. the old fashion way.
- Awesome video, nice work. I suded
- Japan's robot is way more high tech then yours