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MECH FROM A PLANE IN JUST CAUSE 3! | Just Cause 3 Challenges

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- Should I buy the air DLC or the land DLC and the sea DLC that's coming up to ( I need your advice WILLYB!!)
- PS4
- how do I close the cargobay from the cockpit?
- I love your videos and I like that you do free roam videos and no one else makes free roam videos
- Can you drop a mech from space
- So epic landing mech
- Dude that was fucking sick! I'm sooooo going to have to try that. Instead of shooting everything though you should've used the grip a little more. Would've made the vid more fun to watch in my opinion. Still cool as shit though, I'll sub to see what else you put on display though.
- After I saw the new Independence Day, I have this idea about the third movie having mechs in it. What do you guys think? Should the next movie have mechs in it?
- nice vid - but that motion blur......i feel, sick
- amazing video
- i feel like i am being spoken to like a child...disliek
- how do you unlock the mech?????????
- Takeover sky fortress using a mech
- Do a video where you get a cargo plane get a mech put the mech on the cargo plane then fly low with cargo plane and take a base from above while on the cargo plane not in the cargo plane
- how do I unlock mechs from rebel drop?
- why does it lag so bad on ps4
- u
- willy i have challenge for u take the worst handguns and destroy base like this big which u destroyed in this episode
but no other weapons allowed
- Nice vid it was very intresting 😀