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MECH FIGHTS A MECH!!! :: Just Cause 3 Mech Assault Campaign Funny Epic Moments

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- Is mech mod or in game
- 3:50 / 15:47 what is song ?
- you don't sound cool bro
learn how to be funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!//
- stop cursing as much !! :l(
- Why did they have still shots in this DLC for? I don't have it but the vanilla game has actual cut scene, not a still shot with talking over it type of scenes.
- Damn
- anyone else think that the cut scene at the start where the plane gives a code clearance a reference to star wars ep.6
- How do you have on The M488 1/10 Missiles..I have only for it 1/4 missiles total 5 missiles..??
- yeeeees
- +vadact plzzzz show us the easter egg of thor's hammer in your own style...i sawed that easter egg on reddit
- 1:23 huehuehue

Vadactlaugh is best laugh
- you know rico kind of sounds like sayid from "lost"
- it is mech land a soft vadact.
- Can you tether a jet ski to a train and when you get over a bridge that has water under it blow it up and break the
- Your the best gamer
- Easy peasy, squeeze the madafukin lemon, LOL😂
- Enemy cars planes and helicopters look so bad ass
- Shots fired
- I like the robot fighting
- Actually you got the title completely wrong it's mech land assault