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MCPE: Slime Block Robot - Pocket Bot + Mech Tutorial

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- There are no commands yet.......
- make a normal walking mech plz
- it wont work for me on kindle
- I love it
- Can you make a robot that goes in all directions like left and right and forward,back please so it would be more challenging
- The command is /weatherclear 1000
- Me
- Nice
- Wall-E
- thats gargantulas baby
- The mech is reminding me as an baby elephant pretty cute ^_^
- my robot build took one step then died... :(
- there is a bunch of fat people in it
- ive seen the movie WALL-E
- you made the 14-elevator right?? it is epic .its in the redstone handbook
- a tank with TnT cannon
- Am I the only one who thinks that Cubehamster should join Mindcrack?
- He says omg it's so adorable and I was like how is a death machine firing fireballs adorable
- U need plugins for commands :p
- hey... you are hacking with me and troll in mcpe