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Mass Appeal Tips for growing moss in your yard

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- Hello, I am new to moss and I am very much inclined to have a moss terrarium. I know that you are a moss and bonsai expert but I think your tips on keeping the moss alive for a longer time can help me. I live in Mumbai, India and the climate is very diverse here. As of now it is monsoon season and its pretty humid and wet, hence I got the moss growing on rock walls. But after a couple of months, its gonna be cold here and I fear that my moss will die out. Can you please help me understand how to keep it alive in colder times?
- if the moss / yogurt mixture is too thin can you add corn starch or will this mess up the moss growing it the new location
- Yes dumbass, moss will grow on the pot-hence why you are applying the goddamn moss on the pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill me!!!!!
- So I already have a kids pool that I filled with dirt and moss, how often should I water it and how much water do I use? 
- For real thx gonna try this on a rock cuz I have it on a plate lol it always ends up with water every were so yah gonna try is on a rock see ya !_!
- Is Ed a giant or the other dude an itty bitty thing? 
- Did you know you can blend up chunks of moss and transplant it onto statues, pots, or rock pathways in your yard?
Mass Appeal Tips for growing moss in your yard
- i knew a woman who had moss growing on her hooch
- Can't you just use cow manure instead of using yogurt!?
- wow this is bizarre, i definitely want to try it on some pots in the yard =O
- I walk a bike trial that used to be a rail road track. And I noticed that there is a lime colored moss growing and even in the early spring it looks great. I was thinking there must be a why to grow it in a yard. I didn't know you can blend it up and make more. Thanks for this video!