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Lincoln (RI) Thad Moss

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- This is not randy Moss's kid, this kid is white u boobs
- Yeah Thad! We don't have math tomorrow do we?
- Thad goes to my school. Go Lions!
- Check the description for a more his updated video package.
- You got that from one play? One play where he burned the defense and scored a td?
- not randy moss the nfl football player, i think its randy mossy the nascar owner. randy moss is black, looks like this boy here is white
- Might wanna wait until he actually does a few more things....
- he looks slow and lazy on offense. Has the size and pedigree.
- whats with all the hate?
- Like Deion's son (Deion Jr.), here's another son getting undue attention solely based on his last name. Deion Jr. was an average skill player in the DFW area and was told he wasn't good enough to star at Desoto. So he transfers to FM Marcus. He's GIVEN an UA All-American selection and offered by the likes of... (wait for it)... SMU and UH. He's (now) at SMU. He was a 2-Star Rivals athlete... AT BEST... and he makes an All-American team. Now, you have Moss' son doing the same thing! C'mon!!
- I'm from RI, he's not that good or he would be at Hendricken.
- shame... anybody can get two highlights but on a team that doesn't look like they are trying?.. only two?
- We did a story on Thad Moss being Randy Moss' son. We could only locate two highlights at the time. I posted the article link in the description.
- Nooobbbbb
- And this video was posted for what reason?
- Im sorry I said that
- Shut the f*** up he's not that good
- Garbage ass