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LEGO WWII Mech Military Battle | Brickworld Chicago 2016

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- Captain Amerika and star wäre trups
- i hope this thing is sell on store
- This is like Wolfenstien
- The medium name can be the chubby AT-ST
- The builder looks like an older version of Kevin Spacey haha
- Definately one of the coolest builds I've seen so far!
- The 2nd german mech looks like an atst
- epic
- I guess this is inspired by Wolfenstein the new order game.
- 😍😍😍 this moc
- this is so cool I love it I can't build mecks worth dang I'm good at building planes and vehicles tho
- I'm surprised none of these were nominated for best mecha....

Edit: I see one got a nomination in previous years
- such cool mechs
- cool
- And 1st
- I'm early
- "My passion for war" well that escalated quickly...
- I was going to make this....