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Lego Ninjago Titan Mech Battle Set 70737 | Unbox Build Time Lapse Review

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- The ghost mech is techinaly that is Nya mech just posed
- Ninjago stuff is weird, in a cool sort of way.....
- That's not how you say Nya
- Do the ghostbusters hq
- do every ninja ever please thank u
- Every Lando minifig
- Could you do every Robin and Nightwing Minifigure collection
- Do every Lego Star Wars droid
- Do every Lego droid starwars
- Zane is my fav ninja in this set for the printing
- who cares if her name is Nia she can speak how ever she wants
- awsome
- Nice Tron shirt, I had no idea there were so many shirts with kick ass references done in Lego
- its Nya (it's pronounced neeuh)
- Why is marie doing the commentary and jack is just showing off the set by showing action features why not just have jack do the commentary and showcase
Eh i dont know just found that weird
- It's née-ya
- Good work brick vault I like mya as a review and love this set p.s. In terms of size the ninja mech would lose
- This set proves how overpriced Encounter on Jakuu is.
- This was my favorite set of the wave :) I don't know why though 😂
- cool set!