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Lego Nexo Knights BLACK KNIGHT MECH 70326 Stop Motion Build Review

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- awesome!
- el único que habla español soy yo jijiji
- Samurai Mech from 1000 AD anyone?
- Awesome
- This is a really awesome set, 530 pieces for 40$? Beauty. Also Whiparella looks awesome, that hair is probably the best part
- In the show he was making a tonne of references to month Python it was great
- flame thrower??????????????????????????
that is an ash attacker
- Cooler better body & sword then the king mech but hate the arms
Very limited posing
- Cool!
- lmao they're trying to recreate the "Who is the Green Ninja?" dilemma with the Black Knight
- Nexo yeeeeees laik
- Is this gonna be like Ninjago now? If so Imma start buying these.
- If Lego could build mechs like this they should consider to bring back EXO-Force
- Yeah because a huge mech is required to save a small robot
- To much blue on this
- cool!
- I remember a line of sets that came out when I was little that was a lot like this. It had different colored knights with unique armor (I also remember Bionicle versions of the knights) Does anyone know what line that was?
- a ultimate axl
- กาก