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KURATA, the world's first robotic mech suit

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- this cost 2 million dollars but worth it
- So, about the big Robot battle between Japan and the US? The challenge was issued June 30, 2015. It's July 2016. Where/where is it happening? Their kickstarter has $554,000 They couldn't make it happen with that much cash? *pounds fists on table chants ROBOT FIGHT! ROBOT FIGHT!
- shut up! take my money 💰💰😁😁💰💰💰
- shut up! take my money 💰💰💰
- Military model much cooler than these "who-ever wanna buy" crap-piles...
- Only a little bit creepy and insane when they smile and then everyone dies
- ohhh damn i was really hoping to smoke inside.. guess i wont be buying one.
- Becareful not to smile too much. XD
- I want this
- Aw fuck it's DVA in real life
- cooooool
- The Girl here is much more interesting than the actual robot.
The robot is still cool though
- someone should roll up to area51 with this
- The first prototype of the Sentry Bot
- Funding this for military use is impractical on the battlefield. Regular tanks could easily target this bot. And it's quite sadistic, they could have use trigger buttons rather than "smile to kill".
- The robots base is fine, the cockput looks terrible engineered tough.
- lost myself at the LOHAS bit lol
- i want one
- skynet :P
- why don't they add this to military arsenal