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Just Cause 3 Mech Land Assault DLC - Part 1 - ROBOT SUIT! (Let's Play / Walkthrough / Gameplay)

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- My just cause lags a lot :(
- wtf it dosn't even shw the mission...
- I'm going to get this and play this forever
- 3:25 is when he starts the mission
- having fun IC
- Can you disable the online leaderboards? it's so annoying the way the game tries to connect to it. Like I DON'T CARE about pointless leaderboards I just want to play the game.
- Well Just Cause 3 is now Half-Life 2, hurray I guess...
- How do you start it?
- I just finished watching his Just cause 3
- I miss when Trevor Played GTA 5
- I like DLC's like this. Continuing the story and not just putting more maps and weapons for Multiplayer like in Battlefield and COD. Actually get more money's worth. Even if the campaign continuation is small it is still there and that's what I like. I'm ok with the DLC for Battlefield and COD since I'm only going to be a Vanilla Player well not for long on Battlefield since they're giving them out for free. Already got Final Stand and Dragon's Teeth
- u need to put your cam a lil smaller
cant see nothing
- So good to have this back
- cartoons for cutscenes. how much of money was spent into making this?
- FYI new dLc for gta online. I would love a video of that
- Fake enthusiasm... check
- Wow! Lets sell JC3 with the dlc of sky fortress. Guess what? A new and more badass dlc came out
- Quit riding Activision's cock... Oops wrong video
- Do Fallout 4 DLCs
- Part 4 of Sky Fortress?????