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Just Cause 3 Mech Land Assault DLC Anime Trailer

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- is this alright?
- That is cool
- Awsome
- This game did poorly? WTF?
- Can this game get any crazier?!
- looks about as anime as my mum
- #Battelborn intro rip off

this is the internet so I will make it clear THIS IS A JOKE
Animer isnt new
- It looks more like archer than anime
- If only they would have made as much effort in the DLC cinematics as they did in animating this trailer.
- Get in the damn robot.
- Well, well, well, Kojima and here I thought you stopped working on games.
- I kept reading Mech Assault, and got excited...
- Metal Gear!!!!!
- it looks nice i do a video on it i begin just cause 3 on videos
- Eww anime
- did they fix the frame rate yet?
- Ani moo!!
- Now where all true agents of chaos
- Oh Hell Yeah!