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Just Cause 3 DLC Mech Land Assault Gameplay - Let's Play Mech Land Assault

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- Do anyone knows how to start this dlc? I already installed it and nothing happened. I also have beaten the main campaign. Help please
- Woah I thought they just cramped and shined on electronic entertainment
- This game is underrated in my opinion because a lot of people say the story and weapons are boring and there isn't enough to destroy but once you beat the game there is a "re oppress" option and there is a damn carpet bomber. I found the story really fun too. I've spent hours and hours playing this game because there is endless opportunity and it's just fun.
- For a DLC called mech land, having only two types of mechs is a little underwhelming
- 9:20 "Oh I'm a murderer!"

The footage before that proves that you are a sick, torturous, rampaging genocidal killer. But NOW you're a murderer.
- I just got the dlc pass cause I had the extra money, hope it's worth it.
- Hey how did you unequip your special weapon I don't see it on Ricos back?
- Is a joke
- That is just cause 4
- Mechs that don't walk are not mechs. It is pretty much the rule, otherwise they are tanks.
- Wait don't you have to liberate all provinces in the island to get the Rebel Driven mech?
- I forgot this game existed.
- My inner mech-loving-ten-year-old is squealing with joy right now! :D
- I have the expansion pass but i don't see this dlc
- 3:57 Aw god it's the 10 dumbest Titanfall deaths all over again
- As much as this makes me miss Red Faction, and the nice looking mech they have there with the animations, I still hate this game and view it as worthless.
- Eden has to give up
- Eden must die
- Eden must die