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Julio Jones Jumps Over Kuechly & Sprints for 70-yd Photo Finish TD | Panthers vs. Falcons | NFL

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- Luke probably still having nightmares about this catch.
- Jones be doing that Madden aggressive catch BS
- falcons my favorite team and julio jones is the best we in the nfl
- This won me the fantasy chip... julio is jesus
- Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman
- So many people started to get flashbacks of Madden 16 after this catch 
- He is one of the best in the category of Antonio Brown and Megatron.
- I am so literally obsessed with this play, i fell so in love with Julio. Forever my baby!
- biggest Falcons fan ever to Rise Up
- that my julio
- Until I see a receiver reach over a defenders shoulder for a catch, then I'll be impressed....
- Julio is a goddamn freak show. Best WR in the league.
- Dab Jones
- This play won my fantasy football championship for me.
- Bro... Kuechly got baptized and got put on the back of a milk carton
- Top Wr.
1. Julio Jones/ Amtonio Brown
3. Odell Beckham JR
4.Larry Fitzgerald
5. DeAndre Hopkins
- what i liked is the concentration awareness,and plus ryan was in a lot of pain. ryan doesnt give up. Ryan is one of the best qbs in nfl idc what anyone says.
- Madden 16 aggressive catch
- Did anyone see that Justin hardy was wide the fuck open to the right but Matt Ryan was like fuck it I got Julio jones