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Java Moss Aquarium Plant Profile

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- what to do to grow java moss very quickly? please answer.
- I think this is what I have in my tank,it looks like that and it hasn't grown n 6 months :(
- esse musco se desenvolve se fixa em algo ,boiando? .tem um semelhante não consigo saber qual é o nome fica flutuando na agua. agradeço
- Bro Is having too much Driftwood is bad for your tank
- I bought it yesterday and its turn brown why .?and how can I help them ?
- I have discus and my temp is around 82-84 my moss is dieing I think what can I do or what can I use that can handle the heat please respond ASAP 
- Is willow moss a good substitute for java moss in a 13 gallon tank at about 75-78 degrees? What are the major differences and is java moss really worth it seeing as it's usually twice as much or more that willow moss?
- My grows like mad without co2. It grows the fastest when is unattached.
- My moss is turning a bit pale . What's happening to them ?!
- How'd you get it to stick to those surfaces so quick?  I had some & it floated near the top & didn't stick to much except the filter intake.  I tried putting a little gravel in it so it would settle to the bottom, but then bits of fish food at the bottom got stuck in it & rotted (didn't kill the plant, but smelled bad)
- Nice vid. I'm having all the usual problems of the "new tank syndrome". Yep, high ammonia and nitrates. I hesitate to do a large water change because I don't want to remove the good bacteria just starting to grow. I don't think it's been a long enough time yet. My logical mind says wait on the change until I've developed more good bacteria. Am I wrong in this thinking? Should I go ahead and change 40-50 per cent or just hang on till the bacteria grows more? Any positive suggestions will be appreciated.
- does anyone have java moss for free and be willing to ship to the bay area CA  text me 5108622417 I want some to make a wall of moss for my child fry
- i made a carped its sick check   out cloud 9 aquarium
- I love using java moss in my fry tanks.  The zooplankton it supports gives very small fry the opportunity to graze all day which results in faster growth.  So it reduces the need for water changes by removing the ammonia/nitrates as well as reducing the need for large feedings.  Great stuff. 
- Just found your channel.  Not sure how I didn't know about it before, but glad to find it now.  I recently picked up some Java Moss as a gift from my LFS so I'm trying it out to see if I like it.  Good info in your video.  Subbed!
- Please do a video on emersed setups! thanks
- I had java moss in my planted tank and it grew like crazy. Was hard to keep under control so I took it out and threw it in my cichlid fry tank to control parameters. Works great. 
- Great vid ;)
- Nicely done
- Great info