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Japan Responds to US Mech Fight Challenge - IGN News

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- Kurata is pretty light weight compares to the megabot, its designed for playing around, not for fights
- yeah...
- Stand by for Titanfall.
- the age of gundams in near T___T
- Japan will reck America.... There stuff is way more high tech
- The American one may be strong and full of fire power. However the japanese one is more fast and effective. All things considered I think the japanese win.
- Japan is gonna win.
- Sorry but, America would lose, compared to home of Gundam
- Just think, gundams in 50 years
- War. War never changes.
- place you're betting votes here: 30 dollers for japan 1000 fore America. the team that looses gets to give the other team their money
- Brah super American have you seen a single mech anime
- And so in the future of 2025 the mechs years comes were mutated monsters walk on the streets of Japan or America (depends on who's doing the experiments) and the only way is one of the companies agreed to fight those monster with there mechs and kill every last one of them.
- c'mon U.S. we have money just make it a FIGHTING MACHINE!!!
- "MEGABOTS"?? WTF... Dude american robot is a piece of shit...!! we all know that japanese robot is much more better....
- S i just noticed this. The USA bot was made to fire paint. The Kuratas has two airsoft miniguns. Paintball Vs Airsoft anyone? Place your bets. The Kuratas looks more realistic but the Mark II Hits like a Russian made out of bricks. Can't wait for the Mark III myself.
- when is this shit going down
- I wish they fight with giant swords.Guns with paintball bullets are boring.If one of the robots knocks out the other one and shoves it to the ground with its non-lethal sword it wins.Also why dont they make them remote controlled?It would be more awesome to see a robot getting destroyed by another one
- Real steel 2.0