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IT Crowd - Best Of Moss

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- I'm disabled! Leg disabled...
- For all the yung people tudrning in: Vista is like windows 10 but it was also expensive
- xDDDD lmao
- Technically inept, not worth watching...
- the best off :D Moss is great
- "Oh, four! I mean five! I mean fire!"
- @1:32 Hang on a minute, there's a billionaire called Peter Thiel...!!!

- ""Quick!"
- brilliant show. literally every second is hillarious.
- big bang theory makes geeks look repulsive. moss makes geeks cool....
- Yes m'love
- "I came here to drink milk and kick ass, and I've just finished my milk"
- Brilliant love moss
- I fucking love this show. I want 100 more seasons
- get out the way you bloody puffs!
- Potato Quality
- "What sort of operating system does it use?" "Vista" "WE'RE GOING TO DIE"
- ...Ploppers 😆😆😆
- I came here to drink ass and kick milk......And I just finished my ass.
- Look! The nature of the thing that is happening has changed....slightly. Rendering it yet more interesting.