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iMac stuck CD/DVD superdrive fix

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- Wow I tried everything with no success. It worked like a dream you are a star. Many thanks.
- The scare of a lifetime!! Thank you so very much! I got my very rare cd back!! You rock dude! Thanks again! :-D
- This actually works! Thank you!
- GENIUS! now I have a Starbucks card stuck in there too.
- I finally got it out but the CD drive is still making whirring/ buzzing noises like it's still moving...>
- oh dear, I dont know how to thank you. I had two cds for about 3 months and i was about i to pay 150 usd before I google and found you. thank you so much friend. stay blessed
- THANK YOU! This is the only solution that worked for me!! Genius!
- thank you finally fix it~
- Thank you!
- The idea is to catch the CD with the cards like a tweezer.
- Thank you very much it worked!!!! You're a genius 
- THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You are awesome!!!!
- Thank you very very much for the trick! It worked for me in a car-audio player! :D
- i go to do ded now
- Thank u so much it worked 
- Thank you. It worked. Got that damn DVD out. Luckily... I figured out I can just load movies to a USB drive and play it on my blue ray instead of the old ways of always burning it on to a DVD disc.
- My iMac wont accept any dvd, what am I doing wrong?
- thanks
- Oh my goodness thank you so much!!!!
- That worked perfectly here, too. Thanks a lot!