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I'M IN A FREAKIN' MECH! | VOX Machinae Mech Simulation on Oculus Rift

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- If this were a gundam version it would be insane
- go play mech warior online :D
- bash u should totally give minecraft on the oculus a try :D
- That cool
- He's so happy
- Bash, did you ever play the legit thing?
- What's the out to song ?
- dude are you not gay i watched your video with your gf but you seem so gay tho
- Dude amazing and when ever I'm feeling sad I watch your videos because they always make me smile :)
- Bobba fett where......
- Where did you get it and how much
- OMFG OMFG...imagine this with Call Of Duty And Left For Dead...and game like that!! OMFG THIS IS SO AWESOME IN EVERY SINGLE WAY!!!
- Play happy wheels plz

- whats the song that comes at the end of the video?
- 😁sword art online is coming soon xD I hope
- Wow this looks great! I'm gonna go play this! :D
- How did you get that thing 
- This should be a ride at Disney or universal studios
- Hi