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How to Grow Moss Garden Indoor

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- My entire back yard was covered in moss.  It was very pretty, but I paid $450.00 to get rid of it and planted grass.  Now, I have to mow it.  What was I thinking?
- stop hurting my friends D:
- Why avoid bog or wetland moss?
- pro video
- send me more video about the math please I love you videos
- Feb 6th 2016, six days B-4 my 79 year of life. Question: How or where can read viewed growing moss on my patio storage wall & walk ways. thanks bruce
- Hi. Like your video. I have used it in my blog on . The blogpost is called moss. Please let me know if this is not OK. Thanks!
- Um thanks, but a video would have been better than a short essay plus a few pictures. We didn't even get to see the final results up close!
- Add a message to your video