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Hiking the Hall of Mosses

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- Best camping spot! We love camping and hiking and go as often as we can also. Such great fun playing in the wilderness.
- Me too! So glad Emily did not fall over the bridge.
- oh my goodness LOL I thought she was going in LOL at 2:30 my heart jumped out of my chest LOL
- wow that is an awesome camping spot! HUGE score on that one. LOL I love it. We love camping. we camp as much as we can! Love this video!
- Emily had a wonderful 4th birthday camping in the rainforest. Few more camping videos coming up. Thanks for watching Lee! You will be happy to know that I dropped a few more pounds. Working hard getting wood chopped up and put in the woodshed.
- Looks like you guys had a very nice day!
- Check out our "campsite tour" and hike the Hall of Mosses trail with us. So cool!