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HAWKEN: Destroying MECHS!! Insane Mech Battles (HAWKEN Gameplay)

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- I like jake more
- its on ps4 and free and its extremly awsome
- i got it on ps4
- The robot Ryan used at first looked like the one from Halo
- I like jake more
- "we lost out battleshp... why is there a sad teddy bear?"
Ryan is a riot.
I like the gameplay, atmosphere. And the no lag zone. Pure Genius.
Only problem though: Jarvis' the bomb!
- audio and video is unsynced ryan!!!!
- audio is like a 1 minute away from when it shows up on here
- titan fall 1.5 gameplay
- This ain't ripp off titan fall u in titan fall u got to shoot outside the mech
- My favorite game, too bad they fucked up the console port
- OMFG whem i scrolled down the like turned to 666
- that hope a the end was just CRUSHED! Best Hawken gameplay ever. GG
- The clips for the fame didn't give me any interest in the game. But now seeing actual gameplay of it I'm starting to like it.
- more plzzzz
- Come join us on PC and play, this game is great fun. Need more oceania players !!
- ur nose is big
- l
- he isnt normak