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Halo 5 - Warzone Firefight // Grunt Goblin Mech Boss Battle

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- why does this game look like Destiny?
- The Grunt Goblin, even though it's powerful, the projectiles don't seem threatening enough. If there were more needles from the back, then yeah, it looks very treatening and I wish it had different weapon variants for both arms.
- At 2:05 "What a long respawn though. Hello, Bungie? Do you mind?" Um...
- you look like a generic xbox avatar
- Is it just me or does the grunt goblin's make him sound like a digimon? lol u know calling out his attacks before doing them. XD
i love grunts <33
- Is he Canadian
- Can't tell if you're riding a motor cycle or if that's your hair lol
- So fucking stupid.
- I actually feel sorry for the grunt. He sounds so angry, like he's avenging the amount of grunts you've killed up to this point! XD
- gayyyyyyyy
- That grunt belongs in a Mech Anime.
Grunt Goblin Vs Mantis in halo legends 2.
- What if they added a ELITE GOBLIN? That would be a fucking tall it is.........if it had a energy sword it would be big enough to kill tons a spartans in one hit..
- I feel as though it's little things like this that are really gonna save Halo 5. or am I the only one?
- does anyone think we will be able to use grunt goblin as a vehicle because the UNSC have a mantis so I guess its possible
- What's the thinking on crouch toggle? On or off?
- Oh god its so fucking adorable. It even has a megaphone!
- The way it echoes with a mega phone sound to it is just beautiful.
- Titanfall for grunts 😂
- I easily took a grunt mech down with a banshee ultra.
- it's basically a plants vrs zombies 2 boss