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Halo 5: Guardians - New UNSC Vehicle, and Grunt Mech Enemy!

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- the wasp can be converted into a three person vehicle
- I would enjoy it if i was able to get the game lol but I'm not
- i hate in halo 5 that theres NO FUCKING SPLITSCREEN why they say "oh the gane woukdnt run at 60 fps but what the fuck thats one of the staples of the series playing on the couch with your friends its bullshit
- well we can now be embarrassed that the grunts are stronger
- How is that funny: "gonna smash all your important parts," and just call the Wasp a "[vitoʊl]!"
- That moment when you realise that you can hijack the grunt mech
- the wasp is just the hornet from Halo 3.
- wait how do you get this dlc?
- Does anyone else want to pilot the grunt mech (goblin).
- let's just call the goblin what it is ... GRUNT SPARTANS
- Imagine if Elites, Firefight, and Split screen hadn't been removed... Halo would still be the number one Xbox game out there. 343, I know you can revive Halo. I believe in you guys.
- I'm guessing that the wasp is an acceptable exception to the forgotten and lovingly, remembered hornet.
- Goblin vs Cyclops
who will win?
ur vote
- warzone comes out today !!! :D
- wasp vs grunt goblin
- They have to let is drive a grunt mec that would be fucking funny as hell
- oh my god time to play halo 5
- I wanna drive the grunt mecha
- Stop adding shit 343
If Bungie wanted this stuff in the first place, it would have been in the first 4 Halos