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Football-NFL-Madden 15 :: Ted Ginn MOSSES EVERYONE! :: Lions Vs. Cardinals - Online Gameplay XboxOne

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- A gs my name is andrew i am a new subscribers and i think challenge berger is going to jack no soup for you thing hit me back

- Who wants my 90 overall Bo Jackson with 97 speed and 97 trucking
- How do you slide on PS3
- Song please?
- I want some g strokes!
- the lions QB is a comer bulldog player
- Gs your right that A gap is annoying as hell it comes in like hald of tge time i just use the bgaps and edge heat 
- What song is in the background
- Does anyone know which blitzes GS does? My defense is lacking. 
- Thought he had you for a minute there GS, lol..
- You have to tap the X button softly to drop to give yourself up as a wr and it automatically ends the play 
- awesome
- Please post gauntlet 
- How do you do that juke at 559 the hesitation on xb1
- How do you do that hesitation move on that first touchdown on the ps4
- "Quicker than a Puerto Rican trying to get a load" ???
- Can you do a tutorial on how to celebrate and two step etc.
- GS when can you even remember the last time you said WE HIT HIM WITH THE SKINNY