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- How is it that each time I try to go to the island it just force pushes me so I cant get the mech or explore the new island
- It won't let me go there and o got the dlc
- its probably a mission
- Anybody have PS4? If so, can you gameshare Just Cause 3 Season Pass or any DLC? Msg me PSN: DJ_LIZZARD-_-
- what mission is it the one with the little internet icon for ds lol
- wheres his dope intro
- you have to use a baverium tank
- Hi, I am new to just cause 3 I have add on Mech Land but cant access island. How do I do that. do I have to finish all the missions on the big island first. Caroll
- Follow the red wires on the door?
- Try to lift the Thor hammer with the mech
- blow that top grate thing of
- seriously this dlc is strange, Im big fan of Just cause , but i dont like,
- he gets it at 6:04 your welcome
- the thing you're trying to open will be opened IN A MISSION
- you got early access because you got Air, Land and Sea Pack. everyone else that had that got it on the 3rd
- pull the doors apart
- try checking inside the rooms in the court idiot
- no clip mod walk in to it
- Just nuke it a lot of times
- Try attaching people on the propellers of a helicopter