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[Diavel] Take Care of Your Mech and Parts guys

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- Shitty mechanics and dealerships are the worst.
- you had me worried something happened between you and your mechanic, i don't know why though XD
- We talked on instagram about you and steggy having problems with his bike, and we as techs appreciate customers like you who come into the back and talk to us. We take pride in our work and sadly some techs just dont. They're hit or miss.
- It's important that they do the work because they love doing good work... It's finding a dealership driven by passion for bike (not just sales / turnover) that is challenging for me.

Thanks for the video!
- y don't u show ur face??
- oh that fucking intro outro was on point son!!!
- Love the vids downshift I got a quick question what kind of off-road tires do you use for the ktm
- are you a fan of the icon 1000 boots?
- I really like your style bro😎
- Great video bro.
- 2:08 that brown mitsubishi in the front same color and everything is the type of suv I drive, just saying :D.
- the bottle of favorite alcohol works everytime. i buy myself a bottle often. im very happy with my mechanics work. aka myself
- Everyone seems slow when you're riding a Diavel. Wow, that's the first time I've noticed just how different the turn signals are on the Gen 2 vs my bike. Maybe small but higher intensity LEDs?
- Dood, the new intro is on point. Very nice sir.
- This intros so dope
- love the new intro brother
- Downshift i cant decide ktm 1290 super duke or ducati diavel. what bike do u think i would put more miles on. i have yet to test ride the diavel yet.
- I do most of my own work. Right down to motor rebuilds and all. Only thing iv ever brought mine in for is tire changes. And even then they only see the wheel and new tire that's going on it. I hate to pay for the work I can do. And simply put. I don't trust anyone with my girls. If I absolutely have to take it to a shop I try to find a smaller shop not dealership. Most of those guys are true riders and will care of your bike more so then any dealership. and yes a thank you and a bottle of booze goes a long way I'm sure. Ill have to remember that one!!!
- That bike sounds fucking mean 😈 👍
- Liking the new intro! Is it going to be a different bike intro for what bike is in the vlog?