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Collecting & Using Moss

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- Can moss be grown fully underwater? I am working up a planted aquarium and this would make a great addition.
- I wanna grow me some moss some pots 'n sell it in blobs for 50 cents a pop. lol
- Love this video and love my moss .. Thank you :)
- Music is intruding
- Apparently stole moss from public area. Made public area uglier. Exposed soil, soil erosion, downhill/downstream sedimentation, water quality degradation. Principles? Example for others?
- It's only moss, but brave moss. (^_−)−☆
- Please post an update of how it looks today!
- In Italy it is not allowed , all moss here are protected species .
Just for let it know to who lives in Italy ...
- You can have the moss in my fridge if you like..?
- It was so intertaining to listen to you! Since it's growing pretty well in my yard I'm encouraged now to change the style of my garden and quit cutting my trees back for more sun.
Forget 'grandpa, WHY AREN'T YOU MY HUSBAND?!
- great work, man!
- Who on Earth would dislike this....?? Great video, thank you for sharing!
- Yes, wonderful! But if the birds coming?
- great job!
- 😍💕💕
- Could I put this Moss in a goldfish tank??????
- your place looks great Don
- This will come in handy for my Japanese garden.
- I live in the Pacific Northwest and we can't get rid of the stuff!!! I do agree though that it can look pretty in certain areas. Grows all over our patios and walls, we have to us MossOut every spring to kill it:)