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Cleaning Your Mech Mod Contacts

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- Nice cleaning method, thanks for sharing.
- Way easy! Cool...
- Good idea Lou. Gotta try it now. Thx
- thanks Lou!
- thats genius! who would of thought something that simple would work that fast!
- Hard white paper work really well too, i use it every day too, Will try your whay to see the difference...
- Hey if you can please respond to this but would this process work for cleaning arc marks on the batteries as well
- Deoxit Red one and Sheld from Caig does the trick
- No more sitting my rdas and buttons in acetic acid for me! Thanks Lou!
- Great tip! I tried it while the video was running and it really worked well! Thanks for all your videos.
- I still use 'Never Dull' off the back of one of your previous reviews, works a treat 🙂👍🏼
- Good shit man!
- aaayyyeee Jude's the homie.
- Damn genius! That's alot quicker than my method! Lol!
- BL, is all of your mec mods Hybred? and if so, why ?
- hey lou, i have 2 differnet vcm mods and the silver contact doesnt look like yours... they have an additional piece on them that looks like a mini contact on top of the regular conatct and not just a flat contact like yours, are they clones or are they updated from when yours was made?
- mind=blown. thanks you so much Lou. Have a nice one. Greetings from Austria.
- Hey Big Lou if that's the way you clean your contacts then I have a better way at least IMO. Use magic erasers ya know from Mr. Clean for your kitchen or whatever. It will do the same thing as a mouse pad but better and its easier to work with. Those magic erasers make shoes look brand new, mods and contacts brand new, literally anything you wipe it on just becomes new those things are amazing. Please try it out I think you will love it.
- what about arc marks on the batteries?
- Nifty Little Trick and Sympathetic to your contacts. Nice job Fella.