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Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe - White & Dark - Video Culinary

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- I'm a pastry chef here in Iceland and I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I like how you work with chocolate, this is the perfect recipe! Subscribed
- posso usar gelatina em pó?
- Hi! I really wanted to try this recipe but my problem is here in the philippines I haven't seen gelatin in sheet yet. It's always in powder form. What should be the measurement of the gelatin in your recipe if I use the powder gelatin? Thank you very much,I hope i can hear from you soon so i cantry this. 😊
- Wow! I have to try it. I love whipped cream and chocolate! I am so happy you used the metric system. Here, in Canada, gelatine is not only granular, but is measured in ml not in g. Luckily we have German and Italian stores, and at least the German stores have the Dr Oetker gelatine I always used in sheets.
When I moved in Canada I had a disaster. I made a big cake that relied on gelatine to keep its shape. I bought Knox granular gelatine. I used it without realizing it was measured by volume, in ml, not g (weight), so my cake collapsed, looking more like a trifle than the original birthday cake. 4g gelatine does not equal 4ml. That was the last time I used granular gelatine, LOL. Metric system used correctly rules!
- Turned out to be perfect😄😄😄 Thanks a lot😙😄
- can it work if i replaced the gelatin sheet with Arabic gum?
- is there problem if we are not adding gelatin sheets in Chocolate Mousse
- hi would it be okay if i dnt put gelatin in the mousse
- I don't have gelatin sheets here!! What can i do please??
- Would this work if instead of chocolate I made lemon or vanilla mousse?
- les ingridient on français si'l vous plais
- Great recipe.
- Great people. Thank you.
- you such lucky to have nice and professional grandma ;)
- :-)
- Just to mention that you should never remove the whisk from the mixture while the whisk is slowing to a stop. You must wait for it to stop before removing it from the mixture altogether.
- جميل فدشي يشهي
- omg that looks yummy i have to try this thank you for the recipe
- Thanks For this recipe i can't wait to make it. Grandma Is so cute
- thank you