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Bryophytes, the secret plants that surround us

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- I want to intersperse moss where my vegetable garden is lined with the forest out back. What species of moss (excluding Irish and Scottish) would I used in full sun or 3/4 sun. Can't find ANY info.
- This made me more interested in Bryophytes. Thanks for the video. :)
- Fantastic video, Phillipe De Zuttere and the other bryologists in the film are truly inspiring. My wife and I will be searching for bryophytes to put in our herbarium this weekend as a result of this video!
- what's the source of the music in this video? Sound delightful to me.
- At 21:26 a competition is mentioned in which the 'best young people' compete for one prize of 500 euros. In Belgium, 500 euros might pay for one months rent in a one bedroom apartment (not including utilities). Any young student who takes this seriously is probably not too bright in a practical sense. 
- Peat moss is not an airy soil... it is clumpy when wet, and when dry it is hydrophobic, avoiding water, and staying dry even after intense rain. NOT an ideal soil! Coconut coir is much easier to work with.
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- As a dutch person I'd have to say its typically Belgians that they would use binoculars to study mosses. Only dutch people will get this joke.
- That guy at 4:15 is amazing, he's able to everything with his eyes closed.
- As he said, I never really gave mosses much thought. This video was very enlightening.
- Moss: Bryophytes

#Gardening   #Science  
- Moss: Bryophytes

#Gardening   #Science  
- 15:34
- Some of the Sphagnum moss pictures make them look good enough to eat; like a candy or something!
- Why are the credits in English but the video is in French? Not complaining, just wondering.
- What a great introduction to mosses. Fantastic! Good luck with your conservation projects.