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Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow Moses (Official Video)

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- Woodstock!
- If this dude could sing like this during all live concert it would be a good band,but he can't
- Woodstock Poland!
- All that rage, LOVE IT!
- I like how he just goes FUCK!
- How do you do this kind of effect?
Two cameras, one to the left one to the right? Then in an editing suite you cut every half a second or so it switches to each camera every half a second and then you motion blur the two together so it makes it smother than just cutting to each camera?! Yes?
- so: bring me the horizon, northlane, in hearts wake, everything is the same hardcore with undertuning guitars. is this some kind of ''be sussesfull no matter how''???? sooooo boring.....
- #MetalGearSolid. Im done here
- Can sb tell me what ''Shadow Moses'' actually mean?
- does he say this is super turtle
- Can't you tell from the look in our eyes?!?!?! NO
- I love this song
- Best BMTH song ever!
- "This is Jeff the turtle"? Did i mishear or is that the actual lyrics?
- what techniques are done in this video?
- Reminds me lots of good memories....back at college days.
- Des français ici ? :D