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Biology 1B - Lecture 2: Algae, Mosses, Lower Vascular Plants

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- Nice Video.
- Thanks Makrosky. This is me calling out to myself in a way.
- 39 more to go! =) great stuff.
- thnxxx for help me.....
- Excellent lecture!
- that is a lot of students in one class. i would not even show up. I"ll just have somebody to record it.
- thank you for helping me
- Great teacher great explanation
- Fuckin Killl me
- @Upfer Sumpin
That's what textbooks are for.
- Great lecture. I learnt more from this lecture than the equivalent here in the UK
- great lecture!!! much easier to understand than my other professors!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! 
- +Globeholder1 download them with "video download helper" and play them in "vlc media player", click on playback, speed, faster. Sounds funny but at the same time I do not drop out twice per sentence and constantly have to go back.
- I download them, play them double speed so my comprehension improves (I drop out halfway through sentences as slowly executed as his), and write down every word I don't know in an excercise book, and wiki them later. The excercise book is a kind of flash memory system with quick meanings for each of these words.
- Algae do not show sporophytic generation as mentioned in the lecture. They show only gametophytic generation and gametophytes produce gametes that fertilize to form zygote and then after meiosis, they form spores and the spores live independently as gametophytes.
- aaah, memories...
- that's college for ya
- great
- great lecture!! amazing!